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Pool Safety

January 13, 2020 Life Saving Victoria Season 1 Episode 6
Life Saving Victoria Pod Channel
Pool Safety
Show Notes

Episode 6.

Join RJ Houtson (Life Saving Victoria) as he shares two key pool safety campaigns, SwimSafe and Watch Around Water, and discusses important messages for keeping yourself and others safe around pools.

2:29 - SwimSafe campaign

3:20 - '5-tips' to SwimSafe

3:35 - Key concerns with pool safety

4:58 - Watch Around Water campaign

5:59 - Free Watch Around Water online modules

6:42 - The future of Watch Around Water

7:31 - New pool fencing regulations 

8:42 - Key pool safety messages for the community

Pool Safety: 
Watch Around Water: 
Free Watch Around Water modules: 
New pool fencing regulations: