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Bush Nippers

December 23, 2019 Life Saving Victoria Season 1 Episode 4
Life Saving Victoria Pod Channel
Bush Nippers
Show Notes

Episode 4.

Join Trudy Micallef (Life Saving Victoria), as she discusses the new Bush Nippers program being piloted this summer in Victoria and shares how you can get involved.

2:02 - What is Bush Nippers?

2:38 - Why was Bush Nippers developed?

3:34 - The importance of learning water safety in regional areas

4:40 - What is involved in the Bush Nippers program?

5:03 - Where is Bush Nippers currently being offered?

6:03 - The future of Bush Nippers

7:20 - How to get involved

Bush Nippers Education Program - 

The Public Water Safety Initiative is funded by the Victorian Government.